Energy Production

Supports Energy Production with zero crashes

Rare Earth Minerals

With rare earth minerals for an unmatched hydration

5X Electrolytes

5X electrolytes than the leading sports drink

Keto and Vegan friendly

Non gmo and Gluten free

Complete electrolyte profile

Balanced Replenishment

No Artificial flavours

Vitamin C for Immunity

Vitamin B 3,5 and 7

No Artificial Sweeteners

Keto and Vegan friendly

Non gmo and Gluten free

Complete electrolyte profile

Balanced Replenishment

No Artificial flavours

Vitamin C for Immunity

Vitamin B 3,5 and 7

No Artificial Sweeteners

Taste and Experience?

Real Experts, Real Customers!

Keep Yourself Hydrated

With easy steps

Pour In

Empty one sachet of HealthyStripe Electrolytes into 16-27 ounces of water [500ml to 800ml]. Adjust the water volume for a bolder or milder flavor to suit your preference.

Mix it up

Secure the lid and shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds, ensuring the powder is fully dissolved.

Chill and Enjoy

Toss in a few ice cubes for an extra refreshing experience, and enjoy your invigorating HealthyStripe beverage.

It's What's Inside

That makes the difference

Don't let it Lose,
While you chase the BIG!.

HealthyStripe electrolyte drink mixreplenishes crucial electrolytes, whichyou lose during the day, even more whilesweating, working out, hanging out hereand there while going thru life.

  • 1826mg+ of Electrolytes
  • Complex of 15+ Micronutrients
  • Balanced sodium and minerals

A unique blend to effortlessly hydrate your body, ensuring smooth anduncomplicated wellness.

For regular workouts, keto diet, high intense training and other athletic activities including but not limited to running and swimming, Travelling, hot yoga or any other activities that leads to sweating or electrolyte loss.
Ph level balance, might enhance athletic performance and water absorption in body, replenishment of electrolytes and minerals, muscle recovery, helps in keto diet and overall physical wellness

Lab tested

Every batch of HealthyStipe's electrolytes goes through rigorous in house and independent third-party testing including Hazard and Stability testings, heavy metals, microbes, and more, guaranteeing a safe, clean, and high quality hydration solution.

No B.S.

Free free from cane sugar, caffeine, sucralose, dextrose, maltodextrin, aspartame, preservatives, artificial color, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavours.

It’s what inside

that counts!

Frequently Asked

Questions to keep:

Yes, electrolytes are essential on a keto diet to prevent dehydration and imbalance due to increased water loss.
They help alleviate 'keto flu' symptoms, support muscle and nerve function, and maintain fluid balance in the body.

HealthyStripe is exclusively available in a zesty lemon flavor, offering a perfect blend of tanginess, subtle sourness,
and a hint of sweetness. The intensity of the taste can be easily customized to your preference by adjusting the
amount of water you mix in – simply add more water for a milder flavor or less for a stronger taste

Absolutely not, HealthyStripe electrolytes doesn’t contain any kind of carbs, proteins or calories, and therefore
don't trigger an insulin response, which is what typically breaks a fast.

We pride ourselves on speedy service! We usually ship orders within 24 hours. However, in rare instances, it might
take 3 to 5 days to process and ship your order. Rest assured, we always strive to get your items to you as quickly as

Healthy stripe is Non-GMO, zero sugar and zero calorie drink perfect for vegan, keto, paleo and soy and gluten
friendly diets. This perfectly blended electrolyte drink contains primary minerals such as sodium, potassium and
magnesium, supportive minerals such as chromium, selenium and zinc, and B complex vitamins and the allimportant vitamin C. This drink supports your overall health, improves your resistance to diseases and prevents you
from falling sick as you enjoy its delicious lemony tangy flavor

Electrolyte waters are rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium and magnesium for instant hydration. They help
maintain fluid balance in the body, ensure proper transportation of minerals within the body and regulate all bodily
functions. They are easily transportable allowing for instant hydration anywhere anytime for workouts or at the end
of a grueling day of meeting to recharge you instantly.

You can add one stick of the HealthyStripe electrolyte powder to 500 ml to 800 ml of water [as per the taste
preferences], mix thoroughly and add ice cubes before drinking. For best results, you can have your first hydration
drink one hour before your workouts or your sporting activity and have small sips throughout your activity. Post
activity electrolyte replenishment is also important.

HealthyStripe is a balanced electrolyte blend offering 1826mg+ of electrolytes per serving. This zero-sugar zerocalorie electrolyte drink offers 6 dynamic electrolytes and 15+ micronutrients for the right balance of strength,
hydration and zingy flavor from natural lemon extracts. Perfect for sportspersons, this delicious drink is also your
go-to companion during extreme heat, travel and fasting. It is keto friendly and non-GMO and provides perfect
hydration for most dietary requirements

HealthyStripe Electrolytes
HealthyStripe Electrolytes
HealthyStripe Electrolytes
HealthyStripe Electrolytes
HealthyStripe Electrolytes
HealthyStripe Electrolytes
HealthyStripe Electrolytes
HealthyStripe Electrolytes

HealthyStripe Electrolytes

  • Experience Superior Hydration: Our advanced electrolytes powder blends together 6 primary electrolytes, a total of 15 micronutrients including B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and supportive additional minerals to replenish and recover your body and give you the energizing fuel you need to go harder in and outside of the gym.
  • Balanced Salt Content: This electrolyte drink mix features 510 mg of sodium per serving to provide immediate hydration that replenishes your body, so even in hot, sweaty conditions you can maintain your energy, focus, and fitness.
  • Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, No Junk Additives: This keto friendly electrolytes powder no sugar mix contains no added sugars, zero calories, and supports a wide range of dietary needs, so you can replenish your body without impacting your diet plans.
  • Fueling Fitness, Exercise, and Activity: These sugar free electrolytes hydrate athletes from every background including weightlifting, marathon running, cycling, trail hiking or backpacking, and long-distance travels. All in single serve packets.
  • Amazing Taste with Enhanced Solubility: While many electrolyte drink mix options sacrifice taste or efficacy ours boasts Vitamins C, B3, B5, and B7, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and enhanced solubility for a crisp, clean, non-gritty taste.
  • Zero calorie hydration
  • 2600mg+ electrolytes
  • Balanced Sodium
  • 15+ Micronutrients
  • Complete electrolyte profile