Our Story

Where it All Began - Humble Beginnings

Every great journey begins with humble beginnings and a shared realizations, passions and a zeal to be the best.

Successful brands have humble beginnings. The founder’s vision culminates into a big idea that puts all of the experiences and life lessons into a brand or product that has all the markings of a success story.

The same holds true for HealthyStripe, a revolutionary product way ahead of its competitors with its proprietary blend that was arrived at after the founder’s own experiences combined with extensive scientific research.

The founders, through their journey from a sedentary lifestyle toward fitness realized the lack of good quality and diet compatible hydration products. Through trying different diets and fitness plans they realized that one crucial- often neglected aspect is hydration, the knowledge around it and the availability of nicely formulated hydration products. 

After an exhaustive search for the ideal hydration solution, they finally took the initiative and founded HealthyStripe. Their mission: to engineer a zero-sugar, zero-calorie electrolyte product that caters to all dietary needs, with a balanced boost of electrolytes and minerals. 


Mission And Vision

More than just a basic electrolyte brand! HealthyStripe is our answer to what is missing in the world of hydration. Sufficiency, Balance and transparency

The brand’s vision is basic, but extremely important, to make available responsible and optimized hydration products to the ultimate audience needs. To redefine what true hydration actually means not simply quenching thirst - but providing all the right nutrients and support needed towards proper hydration - one sachet at a time.

The product incorporates the balanced optimal levels of all the necessary minerals and electrolytes that the body needs for the right hydration. The makers have invested immensely into R&D to arrive at the right levels of each of the nutrients so your body gets exactly what it needs. 


Core Values

  • Integrity

Integrity is the core of HealthyStripe where we believe in total transparency. What you see is what you get. Right from sourcing material through the production process, we maintain total transparency and we stay true to what we believe in, so you get the very best of products.

  • Responsibility

We are just not selling a product, we are selling a lifestyle. And we show commitment to it by being sustainable at every step and contributing to a greener planet.

  • Innovation

Our story doesn’t end with one hydration product. We are constantly reinventing, innovating and constantly researching to give our customers the very best science and nature can offer. Expect more!!

Connecting And Growing Together

Join Our Hydration Revolution

The journey is just not about the brand or the product, it is about everyone’s journey towards hydration and wellness.

Embark on your health and fitness journey with HealthyStripe by your side. Join our community who has accompanied us through our journey and played a key role in our success story. Our journey with fitness enthusiasts, the health conscious and everyday heroes keep us motivated everyday. Join HealthyStipe - not just a brand but a family. Be a part of your fitness revolution that is just beginning.